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“An amazing coach! Dave Elliott has the natural gift to reach out and capture the essence of our inner passion and spirit — the greatness that lies within us all. He has the ability, in just moments, to identify any limiting area that may be holding us back from achieving our fullest potential. Not only have I experienced this for myself, but I have had the great pleasure to witness Dave work his magic with others as well. If you want to live your life without limits, allow Dave to lay out the steps to take for daily progress.”

D. Schmidt, Top Real Estate Agent, Los Angeles, CA
“Dave is simply world-class! He's a compassionate, caring individual with whom I was able to connect with right off the start. He made me feel completely comfortable confiding and sharing my challenges with him even though we've never met in person! His passion and commitment to help me transform my life was evident from our first conversation and I'm extremely grateful for his honest, and extremely effective strategies to help me do so!! I highly recommend Dave as a coach to anyone!!”

L. Jain, Medical Geneticist, Toronto, Canada
“Dave spent countless hours working through several areas of my life and with each phase, his assistance allowed me to fulfill a destiny, living a life free of limitations that were holding me back. Whether it was personal, professional, emotional or developmental, Dave approached every situation with unique guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s serious about seeking a more fulfilling life.”

W. Baserva, Marketing & PR Director, Atlanta, GA
“(Dave’s) ability to be a deep listener has enabled him to see where I need to go next when I'm feeling stuck. His coaching is clear, specific and full of passion. I highly recommend talking with Dave about his mission and trying his services. You're going to be in for a wonderful partnership.”

C.M. Nether, Founder of Women in Wellness, Baltimore, MD
“The great thing about you was that you saw through my intellectual games and that I knew the words and could talk the talk, but I wasn’t walking the walk. I have always been able to B.S. other people into thinking that I “get it” and that all is well and that I am on the right track. Problem was, I had been on that track for years but wasn’t really getting where I wanted to I want to thank you for calling me on my B.S.”

D.R. Bowland, CEO, Ontario, Canada
“I believe you truly understand the feminine and masculine energy and you have been able to give me great insight and solutions into the issues I have been dealing with, whether it is in business or personal relationships. I thank you and appreciate the value you have provided to me.”

Dr. S. Amiry, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Reston, VA
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