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Personal Coaching is typically conducted by phone or email, but it can also be done in person by mutual agreement. Coaching sessions are usually booked in 30 minute — one hour increments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with the client setting the agenda.

Prior to the session, the client will fill out a brief questionnaire designed
to give them maximum benefit and focus on the challenge or opportunity
of choice.

Sessions may be booked one at a time or in cost-effective blocks designed to reward those who commit to change. Fees are payable in advance and can be conveniently and easily purchased on this site by credit or debit card. There is no contract or long-term commitment necessary, however experience shows that a 3-month investment in your development will enhance your ability to effect truly long-lasting or permanent changes.

Personal Coaching
is for those who:

•   Want to understand why
    they do what they do

•   Are ready for positive

•   Believe they deserve better

•   Want a better way to get
    what they want

•   Are eager to learn and
    implement some new skills

•   Want results

•   Know there’s a better way

•   Are committed to results

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