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As an Executive, you are uniquely positioned to lead your team to greatness…or frustration. There’s a reason they say “it’s lonely at the top” and it’s easy to get bogged down in details, lose sight of the big picture or let overwhelm get the best of you.

At MPower Unlimited, our Executive Coaches help you bring your best every single day. Executive Coaching works because it’s targeted, specific and outcome-driven. The impact of a single, one-hour telephone session per week will pay dividends all week long in the form of increased motivation, enhanced productivity, a crystal-clear vision, more effective performance and the satisfaction of knowing you’re constantly making progress toward your goals.

You get results because every session is designed to create solutions for your most pressing current needs while developing your skills to easily handle the things that once challenged you. What would it be worth to you to absolutely love your job, enjoy even more success and be on top of your game every single day? Contact us today and let’s get started.

Sample skill sets that will enhance performance:

•   Communication effectiveness
•   Presentation skills
•   Influencing styles
•   Confrontation – giving and receiving
•   Conflict management
•   Brainstorming
•   Decision-making
•   Change implementation and
•   Emotional management of others
•   Responding positively and
    productively during high emotions
•   Self-confidence
•   Risk-taking
•   Expectations
•   Work/life balance
•   And more.

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