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1) Client understands that coaching is not “therapy” and the provider is not a licensed psychotherapist. True psychotherapy deals with issues at point- of-origin while coaching approaches behavioral and emotional issues from an approach of this point forward. If psychotherapy is warranted or preferred, I will refer out to therapists I know at the client's request.
2) It is the client's responsibility to fill out and provide the “Foundational Five” questionnaire at least one day prior to the appointed session. This helps to insure that the coaching session achieves a positive outcome and offers maximum benefits.
3) It is the client's responsibility to initiate the coaching call at the pre- scheduled time. Missed calls may result in the fee being applied for repeat offenders.
4) Clients understand that coaching works best when they agree, in principle, to play full out and always arrive at coaching in a peak state. Of course, due to the nature of the process, that is not always easy but through coaching, clients will learn how to achieve peak state whenever they wish to do it.
5) Client understands that coaching works best at regular intervals with sessions scheduled approximately one — two weeks apart. Of course, that is flexible but common sense and my experience both confirm that positive momentum and maximum results are achieved when clients commit to this concept up front.
6) In order to achieve maximum results from coaching, clients will periodically be given reasonable writing assignments or reading recommendations that are to be done between sessions. These are designed solely to encourage reflection or give the client new areas of mastery, while maximizing forward momentum.
7) The art and science of coaching is a one-on-one discipline. The word that best describes my style is “flexible.” In order to get results for my client, I can be gentle and coaxing — or I can be intense if warranted/requested. What I can't be is uncommitted. My goal is to serve my clients and mankind on a massive scale and do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome.
8) Due to the fact that I value my time and will not take my focus from my own goals or loved ones, I only work with clients who are committed to change. No exceptions.
9) Although I cannot guarantee results nor insure that you will carry through with what needs to be done, if I accept you as a client, I will take a leap of faith and assume a portion of the risk for you. My values do not allow me to keep money I have not earned and if at any time you feel I have not served you in the course of the session, I will refund 100% of your fee from that session upon request and end our working relationship.
10) I recognize that the only true measures of the services I provide are the results I help to produce for my clients and personal referrals. That's why I reward my clients with one free session in exchange for every referred client who commits to a minimum of two sessions.
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